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5 Things You Need to Know About The Future of Website Design

5 Things You Need to Know About The Future of Website Design

Do you know?

Research shows- in just about point 4 seconds, a website user forms an opinion about your website.

About 60% users won’t recommend your website if it is NOT MOBILE-FRIENDLY.

About 40% people feel that if the content of your website is not attractive enough, they won’t engage with it.

That’s atrocious. But it is a reality.

That shows that your website design needs to be impressive to catch user attention.

But the question my dear is… how? PHP Website Development can do it efficiently.

Keep a watch on the following things and fly high.

  1. Responsiveness will play a key role

Really, and you cannot ignore it. At any cost!

This’s sure that, mobile responsive website designing is going to grow stronger and stronger.

So, incorporate it in your site design. Now!


5 Things you need to know about the future of website design


  1. Videos are in thing and that will grow

Forget texts. And if using, use them to make cool videos.

Because the use of multimedia need to go ahead to become a great medium of interactions.

Innovative designs, therefore, will be in that would be simple and minimalistic to boost the scope of interactions with the end user.

Use PHP Website Development for a great design.

  1. Design & data integration

You must integrate design & data. It will give the user an amazing experience and that will be a great source of meaningful data that you can leverage to make the user experience like never before and the best.

Remember, the customer is looking for brands to display content that is specific to him and that satisfies his interest.

So it will be more user-specific & damm personalized through a great website design services.

  1. We deal with humans and not with bots

And so the website needs to transmit a lot more trust and each of its elements must be upbeat to drive home brand intentions rewardingly.

Power your website with bots and AI. Use animations for it to be successful.

In the end, make it more and more interesting through PHP Website Development.

  1. Virtual reality & AR cannot be ignored

Put focus on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; VR & AR.

These areas are progressing super-fast and you need to meet up to the expectations of current times.


Not in any case, you can ignore AI, VR, AR & other modern stuff that are going to be the blood and bone of your online business.

Be ready for that and come up with a responsive website design.

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