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7 Points to Choose the Best Website Design Company

7 Points to Choose the Best Website Design Company

Web design forms an important part of your overall digital marketing campaign. A suave and intelligent web design helps in easy navigation and increases the chances of ‘call to action’ to be clicked. Hence, it is imperative to be attentive enough while looking out for the best website design company that suit your specific requirements adequately. These few points could help significantly in your efforts.


  1. Set your budget

Irrespective of whether you have a limited or a limitless budget, you must have a definite figure on the paper to help the web design company get an idea of your financial constraints. As an ideal move, it is always advisable to quote around 70-80% of your actual budget. This will give you a room to invest more if your designer has some better and cost plans to impart more appealing look to your website.


  1. Inquire about pricing structure

It is wise to proceed with the companies that are transparent about their pricing. You can expect them to provide better services as compared to organizations that keep the costs hidden on their websites. In fact, it is even better to have a written contract with your web design company for more transparency. This will specify if the other party is willing to work on hourly or project based conditions. The contract will eliminate the scope of hidden charges that the web design company might otherwise levy later on. In addition, it will also avert the confusion on the stipulated duration of work completion.


  1. Client history

A reputed web design company will have the name of its prominent clients listed on its website. At times, you may also notice testimonials from satisfied clients on its site. You can go through the list of all such clients, and check out the work done by the concerned web design firm for them. For better insights, you may also contact the clients of the agency directly and know about their feedback about the web design company.

  1. Client Retention

Naturally, client retention is the next big thing to consider. It is important to know if most of the clients of your chosen agency are one-timers only or avail of / recommend its services to others more often. Usually, more than 50% client retention is satisfactory, but it is beneficial to look for companies having client retention rate lying between 70% 90% or more. Partnering with such companies to take care of your web design tasks will infuse more professionalism in your work.

  1. Does it have seasoned designers?

It hardly takes a fraction of a second for the visitors to get enthralled or deviated from your website; indeed, the design matters a lot. Hence, make sure that the concerned company has assigned the best designer to work for your cause. Depending on your chosen service package, ask the firm to assign the most experienced and skilled designer. As an important suggestion, you could ask them company to provide the resumes of the designers that are fit to work for you. You can shortlist their CVs to interview the selected ones and choose the most appealing designer as per your perception. Make sure the chosen person remains your point of contact on behalf of the web design company. This will enable you to discuss about the room for improvements in the web designs and ask him to implement the same.


  1. Technology platforms

Your web design firm should be sure about the CMS and the platform that it will use to design your website. A thick of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal and more are available for use as website frameworks. Your company should be clear if it is using any of these frameworks or using any other platform. Also, clarify if there will be a training session on their part to help you use the CMS easily.


  1. Will it relocate your website?

Quite likely, the web design company may not be comfortable with your current web hosting service. It might like to host your website on its own server or relocate it to some other hosting provider as per its convenience. In any such occurrence, you must know about the relocated server. Make sure to get the credentials to access the admin panel of your website from there. Else, you may lose control of your site, giving the web design agency a free hand to use it.

Wrapping Up

Each of these steps is equally important to help you single out the best web design company for your business. Once you are sure about the budget, the efficiency of the concerned company, and its ability to abide by the deadlines, you just can’t ask for anything more.

At Globiz, our web design team adheres to your requirements with due care and attention. You can always hire our budget friendly web design services to give an appealing UI to your website, good enough to churn the intended deliverables.

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