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Android App Development Company

Android App Development Company

At present, Android App Development is the way to go for businesses.

Let’s see why.

Mobile internet traffic successfully surpassed PC traffic globally in the later part of 2015 itself. Mobile devices are now accounting for about over 63% of the total amount of time spent on the digital platform.

And about 90% of this time is actually spent using mobile apps.

Therefore, around 62% of businesses worldwide are going with a mobile app already or are in the process of making one.

Furthermore, Android OS is controlling almost 77% of the mobile devices including ubiquitous Smartphones.

The number of mobile app downloads-for that matter- is growing enormously. The expected number of downloads are likely to reach over 258 billion by 2022.

Android App Development Company

Needless to say that android app development company is now an integral part of core strategy for startups, top businesses and online stores.

Globiz Technology, the reputed Android app development company is successfully delivering top class Android apps to clients across all verticals in more than 15 countries.

Our apps keep our clients ahead in the competition as android OS command a huge lead in consumer usage.

Not only Globiz brings up amazing android apps, but it also provides full tech support in terms of ROI & app marketing.

Benefits of hiring an Android App Development Company

  • An Android app Development Company easily handles a multi-thread environment of work with the help of a bunch of skillful Designers, Engineers, Developers & Business Analysts.
  • They are experts in the development of highly interactive, feature-packed & fast-functioning applications.
  • They are specialists in custom android app development; create cross-platform & native apps for big stores, organizations & SMEs
  • Create applications to have a future-proof technology and use the latest trends
  • Use in-depth knowledge in using the Android Native Development Kit, Software Development Kit APIs, debugging resources & various emulators
  • Expertise in Java, C, C++, Kotlin, HTML & CSS for delivering ground-breaking apps

Services an Android App Development Company Must Offer

An Android App Development Company ought to offer a range of services that’d be able to boost any business with superior technology so that business goals can be achieved.

  1. Consulting Based on in-depth Market Study

They should have in-depth market knowledge for well-researched forecasts to validate business ideas.

This is highly important for making mobile strategies for the fulfillment of business needs.

  1. Expertise in Android App UX/UI Design Techniques

The best design techniques should be implemented so that interactive UI designs can be thought out to boost the user experience.

  1. Must be Able to Provide Highly-Customizable Android App Solutions

Highly-customizable Android app solutions must be offered based on specific requirements. This would manage & restructure the business operations competently.

  1. Strategic Testing Methods

An Android App Development Company observes projects from the initial stage so that seamless execution can be implemented.

And for this, strategic testing methods are required so that apps can stay bug-free.

  1. Android App Maintenance Services

App Support, Optimization & Maintenance would be required for productivity enhancement, functionality updates & regular feature enrichment. App maintenance services ensure this and help businesses make app feasible to use.

  1. They must improve your ROI & productivity through App Modernization

Top-notch Android App Modernization services would be a ‘must’ that would ensure added value to the businesses.

Globiz helps businesses improve their productivity & ROI through app modernization services.

  1. Must Have a Handy Knowledge of Web-Based Apps

An Android App Development Company should be proficient in offering all the elements of web-based apps.

  1. Enterprise Smartphone App Development solutions

These solutions would ensure that your app development services are updated with the latest technological know-how in the view of Smartphone usages.

Apart from these services if services like Android Wearable App Development, Multimedia & Enterprise solution, Android app porting, Widget Development, Integration, Migration & Upgrading Services and cloud-based solutions are provided by them-this would be the best.

Choose Globiz Technology as Android App Development Company for your Business

  1. Advanced Android Features Leadership

We are leaders in the mixing and development of excellent & advanced android features. So do away with the concerns over camera, geolocation, social media, compatibility etc.

  1. We are Groundbreaking Innovators

We are consistent in working towards creating groundbreaking innovation in the view of the specific needs of each business. We work hard so that we can match the cool trends for the best customer experience.

  1. We Cover it All

As your android app development company, we cover virtually all aspects related to your app.

We make strategies for mobile app development, do consulting, develop, implement UX/UI design, test and finally we deliver your application for a great experience.

  1. We Trust in Responsive App Development Processes

A custom & responsive app development process is our USP that would reduce the risk of all types and maximize productivity to a great extent.

We believe that transparency is a ‘must’ when it comes to android app development.

  1. We use proven technologies & approaches

By this, we extend and scale your application swiftly.

Exclusive testing practices are in place on which you can put your trust for a fully functional bug-proof app that gets updated regularly to the latest version.

Get the Technology Edge

  • Experienced team at your service
  • Building android apps & software across business enterprises since 2010
  • Consistent class & CMMI certified development processes
  • 200% spotless track record in source code security
  • Top class infrastructure support for your business needs
  • Flexible development models
  • Full-time/Part-time hiring
  • Cost effective & high ROI for your business initiatives

Crucial Factors to be Considered While Choosing an Android App Development Company

  1. Freelance vs. Professionals

For big firms, professional should be preferred as they are up-to-date with the latest trends, diverse experience, maintenance & support.

  1. Ready-to-Use Vs Custom Apps

Custom apps promise agility & compatibility whereas ready-to-use apps might be good for small-sized needs.

Custom apps would allow a personalized experience to the end users, flexibility to add specific features as per requirements of businesses, cool UI, smart features & functionalities, and also high-level of security.

  1. Budget

Keep in mind your budget while choosing an android app development company and check if the estimated cost is suitable for you.

  1. Choice of the Platform

Three types of applications are popular in app development.

The Native App: Built using Java or Swift and have the best-optimized performance. They are designed for a specific device and its OS; offers rich user experience, wide functionality, easy user flow & quality.

Web-Based App: Developed as a mix of JavaScript, CSS & HTML; allows the app to be cross-platform and universal for all types of browsers; serves a unique purpose.

Hybrid Mobile App: Less expensive; removes the need to support integration with the latest OS version; offers integrations with the file system on a mobile device; uses single source code with little changes for each OS; uses an embedded browser to show dynamic content.

Whatever platform you choose, make sure that-

  • You reduce the amount of info per screen
  • Reduce the no. of questions users have to ask
  • Help users find mistakes faster
  • Offer help without getting irritated
  1. App Content

Various types of content inside your app will require a different approach. So describe the content your app will use in detail. Plan ahead and predict what content might be used in future.

  1. Security Policies

Never take security for granted.

Before signing a deal with an Android app development company for mobile app for business make sure that their security and compliance measures are industry standard and up-to-date.

  1. Fix a Time for Completion

Your android app development company must not take ‘forever’ to deliver the final app. Hire a developer that can work within your deadline.

  1. Revenue Model

Think on the lead & revenue generation platform. No matter the type of android app developed, the aim is to generate income.

Go for a mobile app development company that put up the best advice to generate a revenue stream from your app.

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