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How to Choose the Best Offshore Web Development Company?

How to Choose the Best Offshore Web Development Company?

Top 10 points to remember!!!

Do you have a long-term business vision that would involve an Informational or a Corporate Website?

Or, are you teaming up with your bright-minded college friends to bring on an Ecommerce website that will disrupt the ongoing digital market scenario.

In a nutshell, are you a visionary who is thinking of starting a cool online business or something like that?

If yes, then you must be looking for website development companies.

And with that comes the most important factor-COST.

Generally, the upfront cost of a site, that would include launching, designing and maintaining, is INR 8 Lakhs to a Crore (a broad range, depending upon the usage & scale) which is approximately US$11,000 to US $145,000-and sometimes even more.

The cost part always pinches. Isn’t it?


Best Offshore Web Development Company


Now thanks to offshore web Development Company, you can reduce this cost to a great extent.

These companies work on lots of web development projects and so they offer services in a low cost with quality work.

But before choosing the best fit for your company it is important to keep some key points on mind.

Keep these 10 points on your mind while choosing THE ONE.

And by the way, while writing this I have this belief that you are aware of your business needs & challenges.

Aren’t you?

So, here we go.

  1. Experience matters

Don’t fall for age of the company. Look for experience.

Evaluate the real experience of an offshore development team by confirming the company’s in-depth knowledge.

These companies must have the knowledge of technologies and regulations in your business industry.

  1. You start with small projects

Give them a small project or assignment.

By doing this, you may check the service provider’s ability to finish any large size project.

Only those companies that have previously working on the similar projects will be able to understand your requirements and come up with a great delivery.

  1. What about technological know how

You can hire a web development company that offers a wide range of technologies along with a team of capable developers.

They can handle the demands of the programming language of your choice.

Look for companies having necessary resources throughout the product lifecycle.

What matters is-skills in conceptualization, design & documentation with the capability to handle multiple release cycles.

  1. And Project Management is the building block

It is immensely crucial to determine the project management capabilities of the company. These companies possess the skills and experience to provide the best solutions.

They address the concerns with great communication and provide project oversight through a single point of contact who understands your project needs and requirements.

  1. A proper communication is, but, like an ESSENTIAL

At no point of dealing, you should face a lack of communication. This, otherwise, may cause a lot of misunderstandings in terms of project requirements & deliverables.

This ruins the client relationship. Insist on a single point of contact.

A real-time support in your time zone is compulsory to avoid any issues and concerns for timely resolutions.

  1. Do they have all the tools that for source control and bug tracking

As a technocrat, we are a big zero if we lack essential tools. Your company must understand this.

Inquire about the tools that the offshore web development firm uses to control the source and bugs.

With a bug tracker tool, the company can track, find, log and fix the bugs that are discovered in the web development project.

Remember-the source code tool and the bug tracking tool are tremendously critical to the success of an offshore web development project.

  1. Quality checks are also crucial

The chosen offshore web development team must devote time for Quality checks and testing. They should have a knowledgeable team of dedicated software testers.

  1. You cannot miss the pricing models

Don’t forget that the primary reason for you to search for an offshore web development firm is the cost factor.

Match the different pricing models that the offshore web development services company has with your financial expectations.

A clear picture of your ROI should be your top priority.

  1. Check for references and past works in the related field

There is no shame in it.

You can always check if the offshore web development company has done similar work or a web development project in a similar industry.

Talk to their clients to deeply understand their abilities.

  1. And finally, how can you ignore social media

It is important for companies these days to show themselves on various social media platforms.

It is always advisable to choose the company that shoots regular posts out there and is active in the web world.

There, you can find reviews also.


You may follow small steps and find the right and the most deserving offshore web development company.

Know what you want and look for an experienced company with the right pricing model.

Happy searching!!!

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