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Everything You Need to Know About Developing A Grocery Delivery App

Everything You Need to Know About Developing A Grocery Delivery App

We are living in an age of convenience. We want everything on our finger tips since virtually everything is there. And grocery items are one of them.

There s no surprise in it that grocery delivery applications are quite popular these days. After all, no one wants trolley picking any more.

For a matter of fact, about 50% Indians are purchasing grocery online.

So, it is not a surprise that in 2017 the size of the online grocery market in India was $1 Billion and the expected size of the online grocery market in India by 2020 would be $5 billion. (Forbes)

Man, that’s huge.

Surely, online grocery shopping is picking an up-trend.

Everything you need to know about developing a grocery delivery app

Owing to which, Grocery Delivery App Development had gained a great momentum that promises of delivering a super cool shopping experience to the consumers while shopping.

But- how to build a grocery delivery app?

Before knowing that, let’s know what an app should have as features.

  1. User registration or login

Your customers must register themselves on the app before placing their orders. And we know that no one likes to put in an email id or come up with a critical password. And so- social media login makes the step user-friendly.

A grocery app development company will guide you how your app would become more user-friendly.

  1. Perfect listing of stores

Displaying of each store- that you have a tie-up with- must be displayed clearly. Customize this option with a shining favorite button to let them see the favoured stores first.

  1. Next comes categories of grocery items

Your customers must find what they need by putting in minimum efforts. Better the UI/UX, easier the customer experience and more sales.

Give your customer a bug-free experience. Choose a grocery app development company which is an expert in creating an amazing user interface for smooth shopping.

  1. More details for the displayed items

For example, food items should show shelf life or the audience should have an option to rate the product and like that.

  1. How your customers want delivery

This particular feature should be common for all grocery delivery service providers. This will make your app truly user-friendly.

  1. Hassle-free checkout

This final stage is critical and it must be free of any technical error. An expert grocery app development company will make the payment thing totally bug free.

Your grocery app delivery company must have good knowledge regarding this.

  1. Don’t forget Customer Care

A dedicated customer care service is crucial. The main menu of your app will have this option and it will include an email, a phone number and live chat as well. This is a fad now.

  1. It is necessary to track

GPS integration is but natural as your customer should know where his items are and can get ready to receive it.

Now you know your grocery app’s features.

But- how to develop a grocery delivery app?

For the implementation purpose, following elements will be there in your grocery deliver app.

  1. User Registration

Your app would require more info from your prospective customers. Now you have basic contact details, services required, preferred products, location, preferred delivery time.

  1. Pending/current orders

The order history will be shown here; details like location, amount, list and quantity of the items and all.

  1. Notifications are very important

Since instant service will make you a winner in the game. Discuss this feature with your grocery app development company.

  1. Chat System

To help the shopper get in touch with the customer if he has any issues getting the detail of the order.

  1. You can’t do away with GPS navigation

You pick up the order and deliver it within the time slot chosen by your customer. On time delivery is a must for good rating.

A map should be integrated for really fast delivery.

  1. What about payment

You should have a preferred method of accepting payments along with statistics showing the earning for each day/week or month.

  1. Feedback part & review

Keep an option to provide feedback. A feedback page with the rating and review system should be integrated.

Are you looking for a grocery app development company?

Now should you’re looking for a grocery delivery app development services then believe me, this is  the business strategy on which you can put your trust for making profit out of your business.

You should look for-

  • A reputed app development service provider
  • A fully experienced team
  • Dependable class & CMMI certified processes
  • A good track record in source code security
  • Flexible development models and
  • A high Return on Investment

Choose a grocery delivery app development company based on the following points.

  1. Expert, skillful & knowledgeable team

A good knowledge is the key to creating the best apps.

These apps would deliver top-notch services to your valued customers.

They would handle your request with the help of experienced designers, developers, trade analysts and technocrats for making a fast-functioning mobile application which is loaded with cool features.

Make sure that they are experts in HTML, Java, Kotlin & CSS.

Expertise in Android App UX/UI Design Techniques would be an added advantage.

  1. People who have in-depth market idea

Experts make a well-thought out forecast to validate business ideas in making mobile strategies for the fulfillment of business needs.

Deliverer of highly-customizable Android app solutions based on specific requirements should be your goal.

  1. Enterprise App Development solutions with guaranteed high ROI

Improve your productivity & ROI through high end app modernization services that would ensure added value to your business.

Your app should be updated with the latest technology.

  1. Put in innovative ideas for business growth

Match with the cool market trends for giving the best service to your clients.

Your grocery delivery app providers must develop strategies involving core research, consulting, UX/UI designing, testing for an amazing experience. Exclusive testing practices should be in place.

A fully functional bug-proof grocery delivery app should be your target.

  1. A transparent service develops a responsive grocery delivery app

A responsive app development process brings out best results. Your service provider reduces the risks for maximum productivity.

Ask for total App Support & Maintenance which is necessary for productivity enhancement, functionality updates & regular feature improvement.

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