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Professional Ecommerce Website Design and Development Company

Professional Ecommerce Website Design and Development Company

How to Hire Professional E-Commerce Website Design and Development Company?

One thing that defines today’s e-commerce business scene is ‘strong competition’.

As many as 106086 websites are registered daily and more than 25% are for niche businesses that thrive on e-commerce.

Now you can imagine the competition scenario!

Nevertheless, this is also a fact that by 2021 India is expected to generate $100 billion online retail revenue (Google India Research).

So, the competition is tough. But not that tough to survive in the scene as hundreds and thousands of websites are making good money.

Professional E-Commerce Website Design and Development Company

All you need is a professional e-commerce website design and development company that would make it easier for you.

But how to hire a professional e-commerce website design and development company!

Well, it’s not that tough either- provided you use some business intelligence & common sense.

Which- I believe you have!

Still, follow these small steps to make your e-commerce website top-notch with bright business prospects.

  1. Know Your Needs

What exactly do you want from your e-commerce website? Know this. Because it will decide what you require from e-commerce website development team. Get a vision and identify your requirements, interact with your stakeholders & patrons and decide on requirements, objectives, budget, timeline etc.

  1. Know Your Goals

What do you expect from your website? Just zero in on the various functionalities! Clearly visualize the final product and the desired results & goals. Of course, a flawless shopping experience to your customers should be your goal.

  1. Budgeting

Of utmost importance!

Fix a specific amount of funds that you would like to spend on the website, it will make easier for you to identify your priorities and look for best e-commerce developers.

Fixing a budget organizes things.

Now since you are focused with requirements, goals & budget- you should enquire about certain things regarding the web development company.

Dig deep into their-

  1. Expertise

Are they experienced? Have they worked on any functional e-commerce development project? Check pertinent certifications as well.

Consider web developers with recent certifications like related to Chatbots- one of the hottest trends now.

Furthermore, ensure that their SEO skills are the top notch. And yes, don’t give a miss to the mobile compatibility of your e-commerce website.

As globally, mobile e-commerce will be responsible for $2.32 trillion — or about 67.2% — of e-commerce sales by 2021.


And web design is playing a great role here.

  1. Past Projects & Platforms

Tell the web developer to share its portfolio with you. It will inform you about the type of projects they have worked on.

Find as much as you can about these projects. Go deeper into fundamental functionalities, custom solutions, inventory management systems, CMS support, multiple filters, payment gateways’ integration, catalogue management, etc.

It is also crucial to know which platforms have they worked on like Magento, BigCommerce, Demandware, or what!

Get them to work on live projects. Clear doubts instantly!

  1. Engagement Models

The offered engagement model must be based on your budget, deadlines, flexibility on collaboration, clarity, etc.

And can they handle and accommodate unforeseen things in the decided timeline? Do they keep a buffer for dealing with difficulties? Pose sharp queries.

  1. Their Approach Towards E-commerce Website Development

Inquire about their approach because this will give you even deeper insight into their web development strategy.

Set realistic expectations and then set milestones.

  1. How Will They be Working- in-House or Outsourcing?

Communication is the key. It is always beneficial to discuss with them about their working method. Have a clear picture of who will be working on the project.

An in-house team is an advantage as e-commerce websites are intricate and it requires a process that is two-way and more responsive in nature.

  1. What About ownership of the Original Source & Design Files

It will be cool if you have complete ownership of the content, graphics & code along with the original design and source files.

It will make you able to implement changes to your website at will. Get up-to-date details of database structures, Photoshop & Illustrator files, login credentials for website hosting etc.

  1. Any Warranty?

This is crucial to ensure whether or not your custom eCommerce web development company will be providing a guarantee on its work. It’s very heartbreaking if you are delivered a website that doesn’t work the way it was promised.

If they do not agree to provide any warranty- go with someone who does provide warranty.

  1. What About Post-Development Support & Maintenance

Problems might occur any time. Ask the developers about post-development maintenance policies. Because bugs & technical issues may arise! They should be accessible for support at any time.

  1. Contact References Given by Your Web Developer

It works!

Contact those who have previously worked with your website developer. Ask their experience. And then set real expectations.

Other than the references provided by them, you do your own research as well.

Here I rest my case.

Till now you might have understood that hiring a professional e-commerce website design and Development Company is a tough nut to crack. But it is not impossible to get one.

Just understand what your goals are and pose serious questions.

You’ll get the best and reap the benefits of the incredible business prospects of e-commerce.

Happy inquiring!

Got it!

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