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Top 7 tips to search for the Best Digital Marketing Company

Top 7 tips to search for the Best Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing has spread its clutch everywhere across the globe. Individuals and businesses are turning toward this advanced form of marketing to sell their products and services more often. Alone in India, online marketing has witnessed a stupendous growth in the past few years. An increase of a staggering $1.5 billion was observed from 2013 to 2015 over the preceding years. To top it all, the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation claims India to have witnessed the golden era in the internet domain from 2013 to 2018.

Major verticals to benefit from this period include ecommerce, social media, online content, internet advertising and other services related to digital marketing. With such immense scope of digital marketing, the search for the best digital marketing players in the industry becomes obvious. Amid the growing competition amongst the organizations in this field to prove their supremacy, you need to act smartly to choose the most feasible one. These valuable tips could help in this regard significantly.

1. Go through online reviews

Checking the online reputation is imperative before selecting a noteworthy digital marketing company and online reviews are the best medium for the same. You can read out the responses of the clients regarding the services or products of the company on Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc. Especially, Google can tell you a lot about your shortlisted service provider. All you need is to search for the preferred brand name and look out for its reviews. Besides, you will also come across local Google results, social media account and the pages of company’s website. Emphasize on the actual reviews done as per the star rating, which is visible on the breakout box of the local search results. If the company is able to live up to its promises, you can see a reflection of its claims in the reviews.

2. Testimonials

People confuse use the words ‘reviews’ and ‘testimonials’ interchangeably, but in fact there is a fine line that differentiates them. You can call Testimonials as the positive reviews about a digital marketing company from its genuine clients. These testimonials appear mostly on the official website of these organizations, such as on the header or footer of selected pages. Make sure that the website has countless testimonials, since it will unearth all the positive facts about the company such as its consistency, delivery goals, work ethics, etc. Websites with limited reviews may have got the m from peers and friends, so they could not represent a true picture of services of the company.

3. Search engine visibility
Do you know that search engines account for 93% of the total website traffic? Moving over, Google drives 94% of the organic traffic and is accountable for 96% of the entire search traffic through smartphone. Coming to another an interesting fact, Google is responsible for above 6 million worldwide searches, followed by Bing (800 million searches) and Baidu (500 million searches). These stats clearly indicate the value of search engines in improving the reputation of your website. Hence, the websites that turn up on the first page of the search results for a particular phrase, say “Digital Marketing company India” can help your business the better way. This is for the simple reason – if they can rank their website on the top of the search result, they can gain top SERPs for your website as well, resulting in high ROIs for your website.

4. Company’s internal growth record

It is important to inquire about the achievements of the selected digital marketing company in the recent times. This will help you get an idea of whether it is growing or receding with time. You can expect companies with a successful growth to be more reliable, trustworthy and better service providers than the others in the industry. Make sure that the client retention rate is more than 50% year-over-year (YOY). You can find this type of information in the company’s white papers, or the survey reports conducted by trusted bodies. The growth prospects also project the company’s leadership qualities, working environment, employees’ expertise, and customer support in positive frame.

5. Transparency

Is the company transparent enough about the pricing structure of various services it offers? Are you sure, it will not ask for any hidden cost? If you are doubtful about these aspects, try to clarify them at the earnest. Genuine digital marketing companies don’t mind providing the pricing information online and this speaks volumes about their dedication toward ensuring client success. Knowing about the cost helps you to decide if you can afford collaborating with the concerned digital marketing agency. Several companies keep you guessing the rates and want you to contact them directly. You may contact them for further queries but it will only end up killing your time if things do not materialize.

6. The Social media factor

As per survey report revealed Sprout Social, 81% consumers believe social media to be the prominent reason behind the surge in brands’ accountability. Moreover, around 46% consumers call out the brands through social media to complain or inquire about their services. This is enough of data to indicates the importance of social media in increasing brand awareness and to interact with the customers directly. So, what about the digital marketing firm you are about to hire? Is it social media friendly? Can you find its social media profile that connects with the potential consumers, uses it for customer service or promotes content? If yes, do notice the response of visitors on the page through comments. If you find their reactions positive enough, you may go ahead to inquire more about it.

7. Finally, the Goal!
Do you find the selected company to be ambitious? Is it working to attain a definite goal, such as client satisfaction, generating high returns, or gaining more clients? Concerned companies will have a full-fledged internet marketing department to work on attaining the intended goals. Its staff will be prompt to abide by new trends and technologies, infuse innovative and consistent ideas, and implement the same for enhanced results. Also, look if its team prefers working with data analytics to evaluate the past trends and use the same to improve the company future prospects. This quality implies the positive attitude of the company overall.

To sum up, these valuable points act as icing to the cake in your endeavor to search for the best digital marketing company to work for your business. At Globiz, we wish your website to gain unprecedented progress in terms of high traffic, better ROI and increased customer acquisition. We are an emerging Digital Marketing firm having a young and enthusiastic team to work for your cause. Feel free to contact us for any of your digital marketing tasks. We will be glad to assist you.

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