Globiz Technology is a rapidly emerging nextgen company consisting of innovative web enthusiasts. Established in 2009 with a dream of changing the face of World Wide Web, we hold the potential of helping your business succeed online. We stand out from countless companies offering same services and doing sugarcoated promises but failing miserably. We are committed to exhibiting sheer excellence and devoted to transforming your web-store into the face of your business. We possess the nectar to gain success, which we demonstrate with our proven track record of happy and satisfied clients. Everything seems impossible until done. Every client is different and comes with limited budget thus deserves to be approached in a distinct method – this client oriented approach has helped us a lot in not only understanding client needs beet but also delivering more than just results. Web 2.0 is a vast demanding arena and to keep up with the changes, we keep adapting promising methodologies, yet retaining our friendly attitude.


We build
powerful websites.

If you are moving towards online web-store then, we possess the talent to create something splendid, specifically made for you. We emphasize simplicity. Unlike other companies that believe in building complicated websites, we solemnly lay down our focus to keep the website as simple as possible. At the same time, we make sure to keep them effective enough to achieve the desired goal. Some of the promising benefits of a simple yet powerful website include • Site loads faster • Easy to navigate • Less problematic


We understand every client comes with a specific budget and we are experts in delivering the best without compelling you to extend your monetary constraints. Irrespective of your requirements, we offer quality services at pocket friendly rates.


Our clients love to work with us and the credit for this goes to our friendly working environment and helpful team. Speaking of plan, we will elaborate everything in simple English to you instead of using any difficult technical language. We only charge you when we do work for you. Seem to be obvious isn't it? Several contemporary developers believe in keeping you in maintenance contracts that will make you pay them even when there is no work going on. We bet to differ!


After every successful project, we ask our clients to refer us to their further contacts because we believe in word-of-mouth and this is how we have been growing.

the boss.

We will enlighten you with multiple options to get a work done and wait for your choice. We will surely recommend the best solutions, but the final decision has to come from your end.



GLOBIZ Technology Consulting combines deep technology expertise and strategy capabilities to cover the entire range of technology capabilities—from developing an IT strategy to solutions for optimizing the IT infrastructure and applications.

Process Solutions

Success of any business is in its effective management. Hence, GLOBIZ provides quality solutions to facilitate the management process. This includes Document Management Solutions, Production Management System, Process Management and Resource Management Solutions.

Integration Solution

For the successful operation of an organization it is important maintain an effective system integration. Different system integrations provided by GLOBIZ include Content Management, Enterprise Security and Enterprise Application Integration.


We provide enterprise services according to the process needs that suites your organization. Different solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning, Inventory Management Planning, Supply Management System.